White Horse Ranch is a ten acre private gated ranch.  The owners live on the ranch and there is always someone in residence on the property even in the owner’s absence.  We are a relaxed no drama environment with a keen appreciation for the animals and the joy and pleasure they can bring to our lives.   

Though we will have more horses during a riding camp, we will board only a handful of horses at any given time.  This small number ensures for the well being of the animals as well as the grounds.  There is direct access from the property to 1.6 miles of trail through the subdivision. 

The animals are fed twice a day.  There are waterers in each stall as well as the common areas.  The stalls are available when necessary to manage the animals, but they are located in larger turn out areas which allows for the animals to move freely about most of the time.  The common areas are large and accommodate multiple horses and they are cleaned at least twice a week.

For more info regarding boarding: Boarding@whrproductions.com